Wednesday, March 15, 2017

PTI Anniversary - Take 2

As PTI postponed their big anniversary release and festivities until this month, there was another round of fun challenges!  Unfortunately I only found time to play along with some of the challenges, but some is better than none.

I am going to work backward the first thing to share is the project that needed help.  I made this card awhile back, but it always just felt to simple.

I went back and changed the color scheme.  White seemed to bland.  And it felt like it needed just a little something.  

I like these colors better and the little extra shine with  just a little more interest added with the stripes.

Next is the packaging inspiration challenge.  I made a tag and while I would have liked to take it further I just didn't have the time this week.  

I love the Tulip Time set and am ready for spring and sunshine!  Our tulips aren't blooming yet, but this little project made it feel like spring for a moment.  

The next card was inspired by the stitching blog post.  I didn't have the right colors of felt, however, I loved the black and red with Aqua Mist so much I wanted to put that into a card.  I love how this one came out!

The last challenge I was able to squeeze in was actually getting a card in the mail!  The catch was it had to have an altered envelope.  My envelope is very basic as I'm not sure how cooperative the local postal people would be.  I've gotten in "trouble" for not putting my first name on the return address before so this may be more than they can handle.  Luckily, the husband is taking it to them.  This card was fun to make as I didn't focus on an event or occasion.  Sometimes I think I get overly wrapped up in things that pop up to remember to take time to just create.  

This little gem went into the mail to a friend who needs to be reminded work is only part of who she is.  

I hope you have enjoyed your visit.  Thanks for stopping by!

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