Sunday, October 8, 2017

World Card Making Day (or Weekend)

Yesterday was officially World Card Making Day.  I was completely unaware of this, though I did have plans to play in the nearly completely unpacked and organized art room, until My Favorite Things Challenge 1 hit my inbox.  Their first challenge was to include a rainbow in some form or fashion and while the interpretation was open I went really straight forward.  My rainbow:

This rainbow die and the clouds were the very first dies I ever bought from MFT.  I remember searching for a rainbow die like this for what seemed like forever for a rainbow themed birthday invitation.  

The second challenge from MFT was to make a card using only die cuts.  Honestly, I'm not sure I have ever done this, but I do have a Blueprint set or two in my tool box so it was super easy.  Many thanks to MFT for having this particular freebie with $60 at some point.  

MFT's third challenge of the day was to use a number.  I still don't have a lot of their stamps so I felt pretty limited in my choices with this one, but as I had already colored the jolly fellow it made sense to use him.

The final challenge was to get a card in the mail.  This was the kick in the butt I needed to finally make this card that that had been floating in my head.  I dear friend of mine is a big animal vet who has just moved to a new location much closer to farm land than where she had been.  She loves cows and we have a gift waiting to be mailed because we needed the card.  So here is the card that will finally get this on its way.

The inside of this "z" card has a sheep and some trees too.  My oldest got super excited when I opened the card to show it off so it must be a winner.  

And since I was on a roll, I also finished up a card for Papertrey Ink's Make It Monday this week.  

My butterflies are my fake epoxy embellishments as you may be able to tell from the shine.  

Thanks for looking!  I hope you found time to play this weekend too. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

PTI Anniversary - Take 2

As PTI postponed their big anniversary release and festivities until this month, there was another round of fun challenges!  Unfortunately I only found time to play along with some of the challenges, but some is better than none.

I am going to work backward the first thing to share is the project that needed help.  I made this card awhile back, but it always just felt to simple.

I went back and changed the color scheme.  White seemed to bland.  And it felt like it needed just a little something.  

I like these colors better and the little extra shine with  just a little more interest added with the stripes.

Next is the packaging inspiration challenge.  I made a tag and while I would have liked to take it further I just didn't have the time this week.  

I love the Tulip Time set and am ready for spring and sunshine!  Our tulips aren't blooming yet, but this little project made it feel like spring for a moment.  

The next card was inspired by the stitching blog post.  I didn't have the right colors of felt, however, I loved the black and red with Aqua Mist so much I wanted to put that into a card.  I love how this one came out!

The last challenge I was able to squeeze in was actually getting a card in the mail!  The catch was it had to have an altered envelope.  My envelope is very basic as I'm not sure how cooperative the local postal people would be.  I've gotten in "trouble" for not putting my first name on the return address before so this may be more than they can handle.  Luckily, the husband is taking it to them.  This card was fun to make as I didn't focus on an event or occasion.  Sometimes I think I get overly wrapped up in things that pop up to remember to take time to just create.  

This little gem went into the mail to a friend who needs to be reminded work is only part of who she is.  

I hope you have enjoyed your visit.  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

PTI Anniversary

PTI is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a trip down memory lane.  It was a fun trip even if I didn't have much of what was highlighted.  There was much inspiration to be had and maybe a set or two to add to my was interesting to see how my style (and what I am drawn to) has changed over the years.

From 2007 I was inspired by Lizzie's Stars to make:

I drew inspiration from Amy Rysary's use of color, especially the brown flowers from 2008.

I was pleased to see that I had two of the highlighted sets in 2009.  I chose to work with Damask Designs to make a monogrammed card.

I found inspiration in Michelle's kraft on kraft card for 2010 and broke out one of my old favorite sets, Sign Language.

2011 was the year of Tremendous Treats: Valentine!  One of my all time favorite sets.  It never gets old!!  It's so easy to work with.  

And since it was out and they were sitting there, I make this too.

Ashley inspired me to make some simple, yet adorable, heart tags from 2012.  I have the bags all ready to be filled for an upcoming trip.  

Maile's layers inspired me for 2013.

I found inspiration in Dawn's card from 2014.  My card doesn't seem to look anything like hers, but I guess that's how inspiration works sometimes.

Dawn did it again in 2015.  I really liked her Birthday Tags and thought I could use the idea for a Christmas card.

One of my favorite, though under used sets was highlighted for 2016 - Tulip Time!  It is beautifully done and I am so happy I was pushed to pull it out and work with it.

I really enjoyed being pushed back into my art room with the call to find inspiration.  I hope you have enjoyed looking.