Tuesday, February 21, 2017

PTI Anniversary

PTI is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a trip down memory lane.  It was a fun trip even if I didn't have much of what was highlighted.  There was much inspiration to be had and maybe a set or two to add to my cart...it was interesting to see how my style (and what I am drawn to) has changed over the years.

From 2007 I was inspired by Lizzie's Stars to make:

I drew inspiration from Amy Rysary's use of color, especially the brown flowers from 2008.

I was pleased to see that I had two of the highlighted sets in 2009.  I chose to work with Damask Designs to make a monogrammed card.

I found inspiration in Michelle's kraft on kraft card for 2010 and broke out one of my old favorite sets, Sign Language.

2011 was the year of Tremendous Treats: Valentine!  One of my all time favorite sets.  It never gets old!!  It's so easy to work with.  

And since it was out and they were sitting there, I make this too.

Ashley inspired me to make some simple, yet adorable, heart tags from 2012.  I have the bags all ready to be filled for an upcoming trip.  

Maile's layers inspired me for 2013.

I found inspiration in Dawn's card from 2014.  My card doesn't seem to look anything like hers, but I guess that's how inspiration works sometimes.

Dawn did it again in 2015.  I really liked her Birthday Tags and thought I could use the idea for a Christmas card.

One of my favorite, though under used sets was highlighted for 2016 - Tulip Time!  It is beautifully done and I am so happy I was pushed to pull it out and work with it.

I really enjoyed being pushed back into my art room with the call to find inspiration.  I hope you have enjoyed looking.

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