Thursday, August 18, 2016

MFT Camp Create

I have been busy over the last week working hard on to earn all the badges at My Favorite Things Camp Create.  Honestly, I don't have much from this company, though I do have a long wish list and currently waiting for a massive restock so I can fix that!  I found them and then life got busy and never made back - shame on me!  However, I am so glad I found them again in time for the third round of Camp Create (I would have loved to get there in time for the first two, but let's celebrate what we can instead of focusing on what we missed.) because this is a wonderful program to get me moving without a lot of pressure.  So here I can proudly post my participation badge.


Jumping right in, the first badge campers could earn is called Monochromatic Magic.  This is not something I do often and am not particularly good at, but I did it anyway.  

I hunted for the rules, but was never able to find them.  Out of respect for the company I did try to use at least one of their products on each card.  Here I used the Fishtail dies.  This sweet little birthday card can go in the stash to be used for pretty much anyone in a pinch.  And with this card I earned this badge...


Day two of camp brought another fun challenge with the opportunity to earn the Awesome Ombre Badge.  I love Ombre.  It's such a fun way to add color and/or interest.  Here I did a rainbow effect.  

To be honest the glitter clouds were an accident, but I loved the effect it gave by having clouds there without covering anymore of the color.  I love happy accidents!  This beauty earned me the following badge.


The third badge campers could earn was Remarkable Resist.  I love this technique even if I often forget about it for huge chunks of time.  For this one I  made a set of four note cards for a boy in my life.  Perfectly simple.

I used his initials and then ink blended over them with four different sets of distress colors to give four different versions of the same card.  Here is a close up of one of them.

The stars along the top added to the sparkle you can't see in the blue paper.  This little set earned me this badge.

Campers were challenged to try Divine Dry Embossing to earn another badge on day four.  This one was new to me.  I had seen the technique before, but had never taken the time to try it.  What a wonderful time to change that!  And I must say, I see the appeal.  There are many things you could do with this and I am excited to try my hand at it again in the future.  Here is what I made.

I love how this technique gives the clouds some depth without making the card bulky.  The MFT rainbow die is how I found this company.  It is still a favorite around here, helping me earn this badge.

The last badge campers could earn was the Stunning Shadow Stamping Badge.  This one worried my a little.  It wasn't something I was drawn to or would normally attempt, but I am not about to let a challenge stop me from being a good camper so here you are...

This festive gem earned me my last badge.

But wait, you can't have a summer camp without a campfire!  Well, you can, but it isn't nearly as much fun.  So before we were sent home there was a farewell campfire with its very own challenge...Single Layer Savvy.  I stuck with the Christmas theme from the last card and created a super soft angelic piece of art.

These cuties helped me earn this badge.


Camp Create was so much fun!  I hope I can participate in even more rounds next year!  I hope you enjoyed my creations.  


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